Philosophy/Service Philosophy
SynCo draws on its expert resources to consistently translate dozens of problems or tasks defined by client organizations into a number of efficient, workable and appropriate technology products and services-both as extensions of the CAPS and MediEase concepts and as stand alone solutions. We have the experience and commitment required to evaluate and analyze an information technology need in a flexible and economical way that not only solves the current problem but also improves the original specifications and lays the groundwork for new functionality later on. We believe so strongly in this approach that we've made it an integral part of our service philosophy:
  • Identify an inefficient existing process or a new process
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the process as it relates to our client's industry
  • Draw on the multiple experiences of our people to determine a method for performing the process efficiently, economically, completely, and with an eye to future needs
  • Deploy SynCo resources to implement the solution effectively

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