A breakthrough development by SynCo on behalf of international corporate clients is CAPS, an acronym for SynCo's compensation and payroll system software. Designed to work with Automated Data Processing (ADP) outsourced payroll systems, CAPS streamlines the entire payroll process by importing and processing all pertinent information from both in-house and external vendor sources into one system.

CAPS is applicable to both domestic and international payroll populations, including the complexities inherent in varying HR and business policies (hiring, firing, leaves of absence), currencies (international payrolls), banking and tax regulating and withholding authorities (e.g. ACI, ASG), T&E reimbursements, and time processing. It also provides the flexibility of allowing users to view past, present and future payroll transactions, and provides a complete audit trail of all changes made within the system. A boon to any major international corporation's systems, CAPS enables new payroll information to be added quickly and used immediately.

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